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Whether you're a college student working on your Final Year Project or a small business owner striving for convenience, we've got your back. With SkyPay, payments become effortless, secure, and seamless. Join us on this journey, and let's elevate your payment experience together.


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User-Friendly Interface

Skypay welcomes you with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all users, from beginners to experts.

Wide Payment Options

Skypay supports a broad range of payment methods, catering to various customer preferences. Skypay ensures flexibility and convenience in making payments.


Skypay saves you money with its efficient transaction processing and potential savings through integrations

Effortless Transactions with Skypay

Skypay empowers you to take control of your financial world. It's more than just a payment gateway; it's your partner in secure, efficient, and cost-effective transactions.

Sign up today, link your payment methods, and embark on a journey where convenience meets currency.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with top-tier security, the thrill of exclusive rewards, and the simplicity of managing your finances effortlessly. Skypay is not just a payment solution; it's your ticket to the future of payments.

Seamless Integration with Your Projects

SkyPay seamlessly integrates with your project endeavors. Whether you're a student or a tech enthusiast, our platform empowers you to effortlessly incorporate secure payment capabilities into your projects.

Say goodbye to the complexities of integrating multiple payment APIs. With SkyPay, you can streamline your project's payment functionality through a single, user-friendly interface. Simply connect your projects, and let SkyPay handle the rest.


Stepwise instructions for manual payment

Sign Up and Register
Go Vist to Signup to create your merchant account. Click "sign up" below the "sign in" button, and on the registration page, fill in your details. Students should use a valid email and select "student page" as the business type.
Verify Email and Access Dashboard
After registering, click signup, and you'll be guided to verify your email. Follow the instructions sent to your Gmail inbox. Upon verification, access your merchant account's dashboard.
Generate Payment Link
For manual payments, use the "Generate Payment Link" option on the dashboard's right side. You'll create a custom payment link on a new page.
Provide Payment Details and Copy Link
On the payment link creation page, input payment details, and preview the link at the bottom. When satisfied, copy the payment link.
Integrate Payment Button
Create a basic HTML document with a button element like . Add an "href" attribute with the payment link, e.g., . Your manual payment setup is complete.
Case Studies

Unlocking Success: Stories of Influence with SkyPay

How they solved the financial issues after using Skypay..


TechPro faced integration complexities and high transaction costs due to multiple payment gateways, hindering profitability and diverting developer resources from platform enhancement.


By implementing SkyPay's "Merchant API," TechPro simplified integration, reduced costs, and freed up developer time. This allowed them to focus on improving the user experience and adding features, resulting in a seamless payment process and increased revenue.


XLNC sought to offer a seamless payment experience but was burdened by one-time payments and unpredictable transactional charges, impacting customer satisfaction and financial planning.


By adopting SkyPay's "SkyPay Managed" approach, they eliminated one-time payments and gained the assurance of receiving transaction amounts within a day. This improved convenience for customers and provided financial predictability for the company, enhancing overall operations.


CodeCrafters needed a cost-effective solution for payment gateway integration in their e-commerce projects, as one-time fees and transaction charges were impacting profitability and efficiency.


By adopting SkyPay's "Manual Entry" method and generating payment links for clients, CodeCrafters eliminated one-time fees and transaction charges, reducing costs and enhancing profitability. This streamlined workflow enabled them to deliver projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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